DataMonkey, while still a work in progress, is a powerful and flexible windows data translation and conversion application.

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  1. Input from ASCII file, ODBC database, SQL Query or user defined ActiveX object
  2. Output to ASCII file, ODBC database, Screen dump, XML File or user defined ActiveX object
  3. User extensible (via ActiveX objects) set of commands to manipulate data (requires code to be written)
  4. Automatic import of ODBC tables and records to define Input Schemas or Output Schemas
  5. Step by step wizard to help you create an import format
  6. Any import project can be saved as a template to the wizard to facilitate creation of similar import projects
  7. A single Input Schema can map to multiple output Output Schemas
  8. All projects and schemas are in readable plain-text format
  9. Extensive error reporting to help you understand where and why something didn't work
  10. Easy to use interface on top of a powerful and flexible parser
  11. Open Source

DataMonkey was developed by Theodore L. Ward with contributions from the open source community at and is copyright (C) 2002 AstroComma Incorporated. DataMonkey is freely distributable with certain restrictions under the GNU Public License Logo